Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Build a Bathroom in 101 Simple Steps

I put the finishing touches on the shelves and got them installed today.
So, with that the bathroom is essentially done except for a few small odds and ends. To mark the occasion, I was going to land a jet on an aircraft carrier beneath a huge "mission accomplished" banner. But, my jet's in the shop this week so I just made a video...

With the bathroom out of the way, I'll have much more time to post stuff about Nathan an his little brother. That's right. We found out this week that Nate's little sibling will be another boy. The early front-runners for his name are Andrew (Drew, not Andy) and Caleb. We're looking for feedback on the names. Tell us what you think of those and offer up any others you like.

As for the kid we already got, here's some highlights from his week. Goldfish in the bathtub.

Rolling the back yard with grandpa, or "Pop" as he is now referred to.

And test driving the bouncy seat for his little bro...

Oh, and he is demonstrating that he can learn from his little miscues. You may need to turn the volume up on this one.

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Shauna said...

WELL DONE, bro. You've built something you can be proud of.

I like Caleb a lot. Plus, we've already got an Andrew nephew on the other side of the family...I'm pretty dim and probably wouldn't be able to keep them straight. But if you called this one Drew...

I've got my fingers crossed that all future bonks will be simulated ones.