Sunday, June 20, 2010

Highlights of the Growing Dudley Crew

Here's a nice collage I got for Mother's Day. I love my boys!

We had a wonderful visit from Nathan & Drew's Pa Mick. It was so exciting to have my dad here to meet Drew for the first time & give a face to 'Pa Mick'. My dad brought his wonderful friend Diane w/ him. We had a wiener roast out back w/ family & friends but I was too busy hosting to get any pictures. I think Diane might have some she might send so they can be in my next post.

This is just a radom picture of Nate walking on the tree I made him out of sidewalk chalk. It got on here accidentally & I didn't know if I could delete it, oops!Drew playing w/ uncle Chaiim while being fed

Morgan, Nathan's favorite cousin

Aunt Rachael, Morgan, & Drew snuggling

Pa Mick reading Nate a bedtime story

The beginings of a playground that Pa Mick bought & dad built!

Drew exploring the State highway culvert piping dad got for tunnel use!

Drew's 9 month pictures but today he's just turned 10 months! Time flies.

Drew showing off for his 9 month pictures enjoy the next few

I think this one is Brandons favorite

Mr 'Moobs'

Nate trying on the 'ring bearer suit Nicole bought him for her wedding

Nate w/ his new glasses. he does wear a patch as well on the right eye to help strengthen his left but he's still getting use to it all.

A random picture brandon took of Drew crashing in his highchair after a meal I suppose.