Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Here's a video of a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song we did at church this weekend that I did the light show for. The video/audio of this recording don't do it justice. You had to be there. It was awsome. Thank God I didn't screw it up!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun With Cardboard Boxes

Well, it's been over a month since I last posted pictures of the boys. With harvest and trying to sell a house and move, my free time seems to have vanished recently. So, I'm taking one for the team tonight and staying up late to get some new pics out before Aunt Shauna goes into withdrawal. Both boys are doing well and Drew just keeps growing up.
I think he was watching C-Span. He had his 2 month Dr. appointment a while back and he was 2 pounds heavier and an inch taller than Nate was at that age. Keep in mind that he was both shorter and lighter than Nathan at birth. He's just over 3 months now and he's over 16 pounds. That puts him almost 2.5 pounds past Nate at that age. I find myself wishing that Drew was twins just so I would have a counterweight for my other side while I lug him around in his pumpkin seat. It's quite a workout. Here's Nana spending some quality time with the boys in Drew's jungle gym.
Drew expresses his wishes to grow up and be a dirt farmer like Pop...
A few weeks back, Nana and Liv took Nate to some deal they had in Petersburg with people dressed up like Sesame Street characters. When I saw the pictures, I was surprised that Nate wasn't creeped out by old people in bad muppet costumes. Heck, I was pretty creeped out by it...

Here's some nice pics our friend Nicole took of the boys. She always does a great job snapping pictures of them...

For some reason, Liv relishes the chance to take pictures of the boys while they're sleeping.
Yeah it's cute, but there's like 50 shots like this on the camera. I hope she tones it down by the time they're teenagers. Nathan got hold of one of Pop's tractor publications. Here he is trying to select which combine he would like to purchase...
"How do you like my quasi-futuristic clothes, Mr. Powers?"
As I said earlier, we're in the process of moving to the new place. So that means all kinds of moving boxes laying around the house. What do not-quite-2-year-old boys and 32 year old boys both like to do with empty boxes? Why, build forts of course. Here was our first attempt...
The huggies boxes really say "Don't mess with this fortification if you know what's good for you."
We built this one to ambush Aunt Megan one day when she was coming over. There's a video to go with it that I will have to post soon, along with some good Drew videos that need editing. Anyway, here's fort #2...

While he was in there, I just stuck the camera under the door and snapped away. I got lucky and came away with a few gems...

I guess fort #2 was a pants-optional fort. That brings us to tonight and fort #3 which is really more of an L-shaped tunnel.

I swear, I'm never going to buy this kid any more toys. He has more fun with the boxes and packaging than anything! Here he is with a random piece of foam that was laying around.
You all know what's on Nate's Christmas list now!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Think She Has Something Against Mormons

I heard about this on the radio today so I looked up the video and it didn't disappoint. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Pics

Here's some random pictures that we took of the boys this week. I don't know why, but Liv seems to get extreme enjoyment out of styling Nathan's hair.

We went over to Nana and Pop's that night and Nate thought he was big stuff because he got to walk Claire around the house.

Liv tried Nate's Halloween costume on this week too. It's a giraffe that she got from her cousin. I doubt we take him trick or treating since he's still a little young to appreciate it fully, but it is a cute getup.
I about died when I saw this one on the camera...

He looks like one of Cousin Eddie's kids or something. Liv managed to get Nate to hold Drew again this week too. Drew seems to be enjoying it.

This next pic was another that killed me when I looked at it...

...Especially when you put this one with it...

Scary, no?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boys Making Noise

Olivia took the boys over to the Blakeman's for some playtime earlier this week. The Blakeman boys taught Nate how to play the drums...

I sure hope he didn't get a taste for it. On the way home they swung by the new place and picked up a few baby toys that we had already moved over there. Liv wanted the jungle gym for Drew to chill under. As you can see, Nate still thinks it's his.

Later, we worked on Nathan's Halloween costume. He decided he wanted to be a drunken frat boy this year, so we did our best to accommodate him.But the big news this week is definitely Drew. He's closing in on 8 weeks and really starting to get a personality. He smiles constantly and has even started to talk a little...

I don't like to brag, but me and these boys' momma make pretty dang cute babies. If you need more proof, just look at bath time...

They're so modest, aren't they? I told them this would be on the internet, so they were sure to hide their shame!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Fence Me In (Or Out)

How do you know when your 21 month old is too big for the baby gate?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2 Hams and It's Not Even Christmas Yet

There's not much new to report in the Dudley household. The boys are both growing like weeds (big surprise) and hamming it up for the camera. Nathan is the more figurative ham with all his antics. Drew is much more literal with his "hammage" as he continues to pack on the pounds. he was just shy of 12 lbs this week. His mom just loves it. Anyway, in the absence of any real written substance for this post I leave you with some more pics of our 2 hams. Eat your heart out Aunt Shauna.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Drew is huge! More on that in a minute. It's been a while since my last post, but much has been happening. I went back to work this week (yuck), but not before a visit from Aunt Shauna this past weekend. Amongst other things, she helped Nate break in his new monster sandbox I built him over at the new property.
He wasn't long before he lost any inhibitions of getting dirty.

I think he'll really enjoy playing in there once we finally get moved over to the new place.

Later that evening, Grandma and Grandpa had a wiener roast for us and the neighbors. It was pretty fun and we got a chance to meet the people we'll be living next to. I'm not sure who took this picture, but it looked cool so I put it up...

Now, on to Chunkzilla! Drew is just growing like crazy. He's even eclipsing Nathan's staggering growth rate from that time of his life. Drew will be 5 weeks tomorrow and Liv weighed him today. He's sitting at 10lb 13oz. I looked through some of my old postings from when Nate was around that age. Nate was 10lb 8oz at 6 weeks and had a 6oz head start at birth! So basically, Drew has gained 3lb 5oz a week quicker than Nate gained 2lb 10oz. Drew also moved up a diaper size about 3 or 4 weeks sooner than Nate did. At this rate, he should be a pumpkin shaped sumo wrestler by Christmas. He seems very pleased with his progress...

At his 1 month checkup last week, he had grown 1 1/2" to be the same height that Nate was at birth. So it looks like we have a tall skinny one and a less tall, chunky one. The weight advantage may keep Drew safe from any older brother hazing that is bound to happen. Although, Nate is still pretty smitten with him so far...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guzzle, Spew, Repeat

It's been a while since my last post, but I have a good excuse. Our computer went kaput after seven years of trouble-free service. So I bid farewell to the trusty old beast and we've finally got our shiny new beast up and running now. We kept the camera snapping while things were broke down and we've got some good pics of the new munchkin. He's doing pretty good, but he still seems to throw up A LOT. He basically guzzles his milk like there's no tomorrow and then his tummy says, "Um yeah, we can't hold all that so you can have it all back for now." Despite all this, he's still gaining weight pretty consistently. Last week he was almost up to 9.5 lbs. His 1 month checkup is this week and I'll be surprised if he's not a 10 pounder by then. I mean, look at the moobs on this kid... These pics are all pretty random.
Here he's showing off his dimples that his mother is oh so proud of.
The boys out for a stroll.
Can you tell which boy is which?

The biggest giveaway is the tub. Here's daddy and his boys.
... and pop with his boys...
And finally, all the boys ready for bed...