Sunday, June 20, 2010

Highlights of the Growing Dudley Crew

Here's a nice collage I got for Mother's Day. I love my boys!

We had a wonderful visit from Nathan & Drew's Pa Mick. It was so exciting to have my dad here to meet Drew for the first time & give a face to 'Pa Mick'. My dad brought his wonderful friend Diane w/ him. We had a wiener roast out back w/ family & friends but I was too busy hosting to get any pictures. I think Diane might have some she might send so they can be in my next post.

This is just a radom picture of Nate walking on the tree I made him out of sidewalk chalk. It got on here accidentally & I didn't know if I could delete it, oops!Drew playing w/ uncle Chaiim while being fed

Morgan, Nathan's favorite cousin

Aunt Rachael, Morgan, & Drew snuggling

Pa Mick reading Nate a bedtime story

The beginings of a playground that Pa Mick bought & dad built!

Drew exploring the State highway culvert piping dad got for tunnel use!

Drew's 9 month pictures but today he's just turned 10 months! Time flies.

Drew showing off for his 9 month pictures enjoy the next few

I think this one is Brandons favorite

Mr 'Moobs'

Nate trying on the 'ring bearer suit Nicole bought him for her wedding

Nate w/ his new glasses. he does wear a patch as well on the right eye to help strengthen his left but he's still getting use to it all.

A random picture brandon took of Drew crashing in his highchair after a meal I suppose.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Indoor & Outdoor Wildlife!

Here's a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Drew at his best, being a goof!

Nate making some sort of monkey nest for Bob

Mr. Thunderthighs

These next couple pictures are fairly common. When there's food Drew comes running! It looks like Drew managed to make to make Nate spill his milk.

Nate's a classic, 'crying over spilt milk'

Here Nathan is showing off his 'big boy' underwear. We'll see how long it takes to fully be potty trained. Either way it will be too long for me.

Not just teaching how to brush, no, Nate does the job. His adoring younger brother is loving it.

Dryer fun

The boys enjoying a nice day outside & helping daddy mow

Now here are some pictures of our friendly fox family. For a while we thought there were just five babies until Brandon pulled me over to watch as #6 came out to play. At first he thought maybe it was a squirrel the cubs tossing about. It did look a little smaller, maybe a runt???

Babies when younger

mom out hunting

May 10, 2010

Well...... I'm gonna try here. This is Olivia writing the Blog. I guess Brandon thought no one was interested in it any more so he lost interest. Sorry for those who do follow, the postings are sure to be lacking in humor & 'proper' English.
I will start small since I'm new at this, If nothing more I will at least keep everyone updated w/ pictures. The boys are ever growing, (in more ways than one.)

These first pictures are from aunt Shauna's visit in the begining of April. We went to a model train show. Here's just a few of the models.

This was my favorite

The legos, you can imagine were 'totally cool' for Shauna & Brandon.

Outside there was a train & cars to ride. The front engine looked like it was made from a John Deere Gator. The whole contraption was really nice. Nate sure liked it, he had to ride it more than once of course.

Nana & Drew on the train ride

Here are some pictures from the week b/f. It was Nathan's first Easter to really enjoy & be able to do some egg hunting. He also had fun w/ pop in the four wheeler. I know a few others did too! He got to do two egg hunts this year. We were invited to the Adamski gathering & he got to hunt eggs w/ other kids. The eggs were color coded so each child could find his/her own.

Aunt Pat's backyard

Easter ride at nana's

egg hunt at nana's

"Oh yeah man, this is the life....."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nate's New Ride

Well, it's finally over. We closed on the house Friday and the nightmare that is real estate is behind us. Then about 24 hours later, we dove into another far worse nightmare... car dealerships. Yes, we had money for a whole day before blowing the lot of it on a new (used) minivan.
We've really needed one for a while now, but didn't want to buy one while carrying 2 mortgages. When Drew graduated to the big car seat a month ago and pushed his mother's legs into the dashboard of the car, it became apparent that we couldn't wait much longer. So God provided us a buyer for the house and Dodge provided us a minivan. Can you guess which Dodge in this picture has 20,000 miles and which one has 220,000 miles?
When we got home with it, we were pleased to find that it met Nate's approval.

It fits 2 Dudley tots and a Nana with room to spare.

Nate and his neck weasel like the improved view over what they had in the car.

It still has a little over a year's worth of warranty left, and only has a few minor blemishes. We like it an hopefully it will be a good move for us.
Changing gears (no pun intended), what does a normal 2 year old do when he finds his mom's "bustenhalter". Not having a normal 2 year old to test this on, I'm left only with what my 2 year old would do... put it on his head of course!

Drew is mobile and starting to pull himself up on things. No laundry is safe now.

I don't even know what this one is all about...

And finally, no post is complete without a shot of Drew's bare hiney...

We're so proud.... but not as much as him apparently.