Monday, May 10, 2010

Indoor & Outdoor Wildlife!

Here's a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Drew at his best, being a goof!

Nate making some sort of monkey nest for Bob

Mr. Thunderthighs

These next couple pictures are fairly common. When there's food Drew comes running! It looks like Drew managed to make to make Nate spill his milk.

Nate's a classic, 'crying over spilt milk'

Here Nathan is showing off his 'big boy' underwear. We'll see how long it takes to fully be potty trained. Either way it will be too long for me.

Not just teaching how to brush, no, Nate does the job. His adoring younger brother is loving it.

Dryer fun

The boys enjoying a nice day outside & helping daddy mow

Now here are some pictures of our friendly fox family. For a while we thought there were just five babies until Brandon pulled me over to watch as #6 came out to play. At first he thought maybe it was a squirrel the cubs tossing about. It did look a little smaller, maybe a runt???

Babies when younger

mom out hunting

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