Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Well...... I'm gonna try here. This is Olivia writing the Blog. I guess Brandon thought no one was interested in it any more so he lost interest. Sorry for those who do follow, the postings are sure to be lacking in humor & 'proper' English.
I will start small since I'm new at this, If nothing more I will at least keep everyone updated w/ pictures. The boys are ever growing, (in more ways than one.)

These first pictures are from aunt Shauna's visit in the begining of April. We went to a model train show. Here's just a few of the models.

This was my favorite

The legos, you can imagine were 'totally cool' for Shauna & Brandon.

Outside there was a train & cars to ride. The front engine looked like it was made from a John Deere Gator. The whole contraption was really nice. Nate sure liked it, he had to ride it more than once of course.

Nana & Drew on the train ride

Here are some pictures from the week b/f. It was Nathan's first Easter to really enjoy & be able to do some egg hunting. He also had fun w/ pop in the four wheeler. I know a few others did too! He got to do two egg hunts this year. We were invited to the Adamski gathering & he got to hunt eggs w/ other kids. The eggs were color coded so each child could find his/her own.

Aunt Pat's backyard

Easter ride at nana's

egg hunt at nana's

"Oh yeah man, this is the life....."

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Shauna said...

Well done, Liv! Thanks for the pics!