Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Feet and Baby Hef

The boys both got some new stuff this week. Drew got a chair for bath time. He really likes it because it makes it so much harder for his big brother to drown him.

Nathan got a new pillow case. He actually got it from Aunt Shauna for his birthday. But he didn't get a pillow until last week, so this was his first chance to use it. Between the tractors on his pillow and Thomas on his comforter, it's a wonder he ever gets to sleep.
Drew has taken responsibility for feeding himself now.

He should be able to look for a part time job within a few weeks.
Great Grandma Dudley stopped by to see the boys last weekend. Nathan was quite excited to see her which surprised me a little. He's usually more shy, but he and Drew were both very happy to see Grandma.

Drew's getting better about sitting up on his own too.
We had the Olympic opening ceremony on the other night. Nathan took the opportunity to practice his dance moves with the performers...

Last weekend, the wind stopped and the sun came out long enough for Nate and Olivia to go play in the snow for a while. So, we put on Nathan's "fat pants"...

...slid on his cool shades...
... and headed out the door.

He also, uh, made a new friend while out there...

Liv also broke out a new article in Drew's wardrobe this week. Meet "baby Hef"...

It's no surprise he's such a hit with the ladies.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sir Spitsalot

Here's some more pics of the boys. Drew was being a little exhibitionist at bath time the other night. Look at the tree trunks this kid has for legs.

He's finally getting to where he can prop himself up for a short spell. His balance still needs some work, but he's getting there.

Liv had some coupons for free pics at Sears, so Nate got a couple more 2 year pics.

Nate is in the early stages of potty training. He's usually far too busy to have time to stop and potty. So, Liv is going to start using big boy pants and letting him get a little damp and uncomfortable. Drew, on the other hand, is far more advanced and can't wait to start potty training. He even went so far as to steal some of his big brother's Elmo tightey whiteys.

And finally, this is Drew's latest little quirk. This is what he does when he's supposed to be sleeping...