Sunday, August 2, 2009

Diving In

Well, it's official...

As of Saturday morning, our house is for sale. We're still not done with it, but we decided to go ahead and at least put it out there while we're finishing things up. We're not doing any advertising though until we're closer to done. After being up only about 32 hours, our sign had already lost 8 of the fliers we put in it. So, that's somewhat comforting. I'm not going to get too excited until we start getting phone calls though. If anyone knows anyone who wants to live in New Berlin, send them my way!

Here's a big thanks to Grandma for helping out Saturday. We painted a whole mountain of trim that I need to start putting up around my windows. We also enjoyed watching Nathan get his hands on a donut.Mmmm, sprinkles.


Shauna said...

Do you know about You can advertise your place online, when the time comes.

Onebigdud said...

Yeah, for 300 bucks. If I was selling a house in a large urban area, perhaps. I imagine a classified ad or 2 will be more effective out here.